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November 27, 2023
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Affordable & Incredibly Effective Incentives to Motivate  Your Staff Throughout the Winter Months

A well-respected, friendly, yet consummately professional manager must strike a balance between being an amicable and altogether always approachable boss yet still being someone capable of leading, motivating, and disciplining their employees.

Throughout the winter months, it is highly likely that your workforce will be spending all the available daylight hours in the office and often traveling to and from work in the dark. For that reason, here are some affordable and incredibly effective incentives to motivate your staff throughout the winter months.

Start a Learning Management System

A learning management system is a software program that allows a company to run safe and secure educational learning and development courses to enrich their employee’s knowledge in their role and other related roles directly linked to the business and industry they work in.

There are a plethora of worthwhile benefits to investing in such a system, not least the money such a system saves the company with bulk-buy reductions available as well as simple, straightforward means of updating and changing the content based on how and when your specific business grows and expands.

LM systems are fantastic motivators for your employees, who will simultaneously feel empowered that the company is investing in them and will be motivated and inspired by the content of the various courses.

Introduce a Worthwhile Rewards System

An employee reward system has been proven to be one of the most successful ways to pull certain members of staff out of a seasonally affected low mood and will simultaneously motivate other team members to work longer and harder.

Whether you choose to reward employees on a monthly basis or rather set high yet attainable targets that will be rewarded when achieved, stock up on a selection of entertaining gadgets, functional equipment, and other physical rewards for a job well done, using the variety of discount Coupons available online.

Throw One Awesome Christmas Party

The first rule of throwing an awesome Christmas party to reward your co-workers is, well, that there should be no rules. Avoid planning a structured party that involves organizing your staff to within a proverbial inch of their life, and instead, on the evening of the party, let the night organically flow. Organized fun is the ultimate oxymoron.

Choose a venue central to your office so you know that every single one of your employees can travel there without affording them too much inconvenience. As soon as you have chosen the date, it would be strongly advisable to book the venue to secure the date and ensure the party can happen and straight away send an e-mail to all your staff with an invitation.

A fancy-dress costume party is always a good option and encourages mingling between co-workers who wouldn’t ordinarily converse. An informal buffet is a much better option than a more formal sit-down meal and, when planning the menu, be sure to cater for all dietary requirements of your staff.

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