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Review of EXANTE broker and the importance of finding the right broker

Knowing who your broker is and what they offer is essential to ensuring you have a good trading journey and more. If you are unsure of how to evaluate a broker but want to participate in the financial markets, you have come to the right place. This article will be made of two parts: the first which is our EXANTE Review 2023, and the second, where we go through some factors to consider when deciding whether to work with a broker.

Our 2023 review of EXANTE

EXANTE is a global investment company founded in 2011 in Malta by Gatis Eglitis, Alexey Kirienko, and Anatoly Knyazev. It was the first broker in Malta to offer direct access to global markets for Maltese clients. In recent years, it has expanded rapidly and today it caters to clients from over 100 countries. It has offices in Hong Kong, Cyprus, and the United Kingdom.

EXANTE is regulated by the MFSA in Malta, the CySEC in Cyprus, the SFC in Hong Kong, and the FCA in the United Kingdom. As a company that onboards many clients in the European Union, it is also compliant with the MIFID-II and GDPR frameworks on financial regulation and data privacy and protection for EU traders.

The broker offers 600,000+ financial instruments from over 50+ global markets, including the most famous exchanges in the world such as the NYSE, the NASDAQ, the ASX, the LSE, and the HKEX. Their products include 50 currency pairs, over 500,000 options, futures from over 30 global futures markets, a variety of metals, over 24,000 individual stocks, and both private and state bonds from around the world – an impressive range that can ease portfolio diversification.

Traders who wish to participate in investment can do so from a single multi-currency account. The broker offers two live accounts for individual or corporate traders, and it also offers a demo account for those who want to hone their skills.

Traders can use its proprietary platform on desktop, tablet, and smartphone, and it is equipped with a full set of functionalities ranging from account and trade monitoring to margin utilisation panels. There is also the option for traders that wish to execute more complex strategies to build their own financial apps with EXANTE’s HTTP API and other third-party plugins.

Finally, EXANTE has a strong customer support team that is responsive and multilingual. They are accessible over the phone, via email, or through live chat. The EXANTE website guarantees answers within three minutes upon receipt of client requests, and their customer support service is available 24/7, closely catering to their global clientele’s needs.

The importance of finding the right broker

Finding the right broker is important as it can increase your chances of success on your investment journey by providing you with the tools and products that meet your needs. With the right trading environment, traders can thrive and achieve their financial goals over time. There are many factors that come into play when you are searching for the right broker for you. Be sure you consider all of them before opening an account with one:

Security and regulations

The first thing you should note when reviewing a trader is their security measures and whether they are licensed in your region. Traders must be licensed and authorised by local financial authorities to ensure they operate in a fair and transparent manner. They should also have strong data protection and security measures to make sure your personal information is kept safe alongside your funds.

Trading platform offered

You should consider the trading platform that is offered by the broker. Some of them work with well-known platform providers such as MetaTrader, and traders can trade with MT4 and MT5. Other brokers may offer proprietary trading with a bespoke platform developed by their own team. Make sure you find one that offers the products you want to trade, with the tools that work for you.


Brokers charge a small fee for their services. Examples include commissions, spreads, transaction costs, overnight financing, and more. These costs tend to be small, but they can add up over time. It is essential that you understand a broker’s fee structure before signing up with them, and you should make sure they do not charge any hidden fees that can eat into your potential returns.

Customer support

Having a dependable team of customer service professionals can greatly enhance your trading experience. When you have questions or issues with your account, you want to be able to work with responsive experts that can field and solve your query as soon as possible.

Education and research

Many brokers offer educational research tools and resources that can help you make more informed trading decisions. Finding a broker that offers these will save you time in searching for high-quality advice elsewhere online. There is also the potential of brokers providing market analysis as part of the functions of their proprietary trading platforms, which can offer traders insights without their having to leave the platform.

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